Genacie (Chip Bar Necklace ( 18 in.))

The Old Gray Goose

Product image 1Genacie (Chip Bar Necklace ( 18 in.))
Product image 2Genacie (Chip Bar Necklace ( 18 in.))
Product image 3birthstone collection and examples
Product image 4necklace length chart
Product image 5Genacie (Chip Bar Necklace ( 18 in.))

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Create a personalized necklace for yourself or others using natural, chip stones.  This bar necklace lays at 18 in. with the beauty of each stone's natural design and coloring.  In your order, you will choose the type stone and how many inches (1/2 in. increments) of stones you would like. 



When checking out please leave a note under "Special Instructions for Seller," with the stones you would like included in your purchase. You may have multiple stones in a 1/2 in. increment, usually 3 - 5 stones will fit.

>>>Birthstones & Meaning<<<

January-Garnet (traditional & modern birthstone/increases energy, balances emotions, & protects from bad dreams)

February-Amethyst (traditional & modern birthstone/enhances intuition, calms the mind, & facilitates decision making)

March-Aquamarine (modern birthstone/enhances communication, promotes being true to self, & guides one to live in the moment)

April-Herkimer Diamond (traditional birthstone/enhances mental clarity, increases energy, & gives clear dreams)

May-Emerald (traditional & modern birthstone/promotes inspiration, gives patience, & encourages friendship)

June-Moonstone (modern birthstone/enhances personal growth, gives protection, & balances hormones)

July-Ruby (traditional & modern birthstone/brings together passion and patience, enhances individuality, & gives tranquility)

August-Carnelian (traditional birthstone/enhances motivation, brings joy & good luck)

September-Lapis Lazuli (modern birthstone/brings clarity, reflects on what is important & teaches compassion)

October-Opal (modern birthstone/heals emotions, gives hope, & encourages one's self to trust their heart)

November-Citrine (modern birthstone/attracts success, increases creativity, & shields from negative energy)

December-Turquoise (traditional & modern birthstone/assists in being honest, increases energy, and helps diminish depression)


    >>>Metal Choices<<<

    Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Silver Plated, & Sterling Silver (with an additional cost)


    Chain Length: This necklace comes in an 18 in. chain length.  If this is not the length you desire, please contact me and I'll create a custom listing for you. 


    *Please note that not all stones are the same length and width.  The stones come in sticks, nuggets, and chips.  Depending on the stone you want, the sizing will be different due to a reasonable market availability.  Most importantly, stones will also be chosen in a design that is aesthetically pleasing and gives an overall unique and beautiful design.  


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