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Product image 1Emma Star (Star Birthstone/ Meaning Necklace)
Product image 2Emma Star (Star Birthstone/ Meaning Necklace)
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Product image 5Emma Star (Star Birthstone/ Meaning Necklace)
Product image 6Emma Star (Star Birthstone/ Meaning Necklace)

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Choose a necklace for yourself or others using raw, natural birthstones and other various stones available with personal meaning. This celestial charm necklace is created with the beauty of raw stones of your choice & a star bezel charm. In your order, you will choose the stones you would like embedded in the star bezel, the metal choice for the charm, and metal choice for the necklace.

In the notes to the seller, please indicate what stones you would like. You may choose a mix to be placed in the star bezel (i.e.: star - aquamarine & opal).

>>>Birthstones & Meaning<<<

  • January-Garnet (traditional & modern birthstone/increases energy, balances emotions, & protects from bad dreams) 
  • February-Amethyst (traditional & modern birthstone/enhances intuition, calms the mind, & facilitates decision making) 
  • March-Aquamarine (modern birthstone/enhances communication, promotes being true to self, & guides one to live in the moment) 
  • April-Herkimer Diamond (traditional birthstone/enhances mental clarity, increases energy, & gives clear dreams) 
  • May-Emerald (traditional & modern birthstone/promotes inspiration, gives patience, & encourages friendship) 
  • June-Moonstone (modern birthstone/enhances personal growth, gives protection, & balances hormones) 
  • July-Ruby (traditional & modern birthstone/brings together passion and patience, enhances individuality, & gives tranquility) 
  • August-Carnelian (traditional birthstone/enhances motivation, brings joy & good luck) 
  • September-Lapis Lazuli (modern birthstone/brings clarity, reflects on what is important & teaches compassion) 
  • October-Opal (modern birthstone/heals emotions, gives hope, & encourages one's self to trust their heart) 
  • November-Citrine (modern birthstone/attracts success, increases creativity, & shields from negative energy) 
  • December-Turquoise (traditional & modern birthstone/assists in being honest, increases energy, and helps diminish depression) 

>>>Other Stones Available<<<

  • Moss Agate (stone of new beginnings/gives balance, strength, clarity, & rids negative energy) 
  • Tiger's Eye (gives clarity, self-discipline, protection, & good luck) 
  • Indian Agate (increases relaxation and peace & encourages emotional and physical healing) 
  • Clear Quartz (increases energy and thought & aids creativity, wisdom, and insight)
  • Rose Quartz (increases self-esteem and love & lowers stress)
  • Lemon Quartz (increases creativity and happiness & aids in general well-being)
  • Prehnite (increases peace and trust & helps one be open minded and calm) 
  • Amazonite (facilitates personal growth and being true to yourself and others, guides rationalism & calms and balances emotions) 
  • Pyrite (increases confidence and persistence, blocks negative energy, & enhances memory) 


>>>Metal Star Choice<<<
Antique Copper (pure copper plating with an antique finish), Antique Gold (24k gold plating with an antique finish), or Antique Silver (.999 silver plating with an antique finish)

>>>Metal Chain Choice<<<
Antique Copper (pure copper plating with an antique finish), Antique Gold (24k gold plating with an antique finish), Antique Silver (.999 silver plating with an antique finish) or Antique Bronze

18 in.
***Please contact me if you would like a different length than what is available. I am more than happy to make accommodations.

>>>Is this a gift? Write in the notes a message you would like to send with your order.<<<

***All jewelry from The Old Gray Goose is packaged and ready for gifting.

>>>Please note that the stones embedded into the piece have multiple layers. Over time, small pieces may dislodge but will not affect the overall appearance. If any significant pieces become loose, there is a 5-year repair guaranteed from the purchase date. This piece should never be placed underwater or worn in harsh conditions.

>>>Please be aware that choosing copper can lead to a temporary change in skin color. A protective layer is placed on the copper jewelry but will wear over time. It should not be worn on a hot day or while working out since it reacts naturally with our salty skin (which is created when we sweat). Pure copper and brass are known to be prized metals over time due to the claim of healing properties of headaches, joint pains, and zinc deficiencies. The green coloring on the skin can also be an indicator of the acidity in your diet from junk foods, processed foods and lots of red meat.<<<

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