My Story

Throughout my life, I have always loved to create many items, learn how to do new things, and share my passion with everyone around me.  I found that I was always happy when I was in my "zone" with art or sharing ideas with others. With that in mind, I studied elementary education, art education, reading specialty & technology education in my undergrad and graduate schooling. 

In the last several years, I have undergone many challenges, changes, and self awareness in my life. With two imaginative children and an inspiring partner, I have been able to harness my love of creation and sharing that with my family, community, and others around the world. 

My jewelry and other pieces I design are in tune with the natural beauty of nature, geometric form, and personal symbolism. I enjoy making pieces for others that have a sense of meaning, heart, and character. My mission is to be able to share that love along with other artists' work.  


Ashley Baugher 


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